Rose Apple

The Rose Apple Tree


The Rose Apple is one of many interesting fruits that, technically, is not an apple. The name Rose Apple can apply to any member of the Syzygium family that bears fruit. 

Rose apples on tree.
Rose apples on tree.

While this fruit might not be a true apple, it’s still one of the most delicious fruits to bear the name. 

History of the Rose Apple Tree 

Rose Apples are native to Malaysia and were first brought to Hawaii in 1852 from Brazil. The earliest known evidence of the this apple in Florida dates back to sometime before 1877. They are one of the many fruits that bears the name apple, but it’s not part of the malus domestica family.

European fruit naming conventions often use the name apple to label any fruit that is close enough in resemblance to the malus domestica. Rose Apple, as a common name, applies to a variety of fruits from the same family.

These fruits are notoriously tricky to grow which makes the Rose Apple tree something of a specialty. You can commonly find these apple trees throughout North America, but they are typically not fruiting trees.

They are grown in climates too far north for these trees to bear fruit, but are used as ornamental decorations for gardens instead. Many people grow Rose Apple trees and their yards, but do not know that these are fruit bearing trees.

Now that we’ve gone over the history of this tree, let’s talk about its characteristics.

What Does The Rose Apple Taste Like?

This apple has both an interesting texture as well as a unique flavor.

The texture of this fruit is very similar to that of a watermelon. It has a yielding flesh with a high water content making it incredibly juicy.

After you bite into a Rose Apple, you’ll first notice it’s interesting and fruity flavor. The Apple initially has a very sweet taste that has some citrus notes later on.

One thing you’ll notice about the eating experience is the interesting floral flavor that this fruit possesses. You might be able to guess this from its name, but many people say that this tastes like rose! 

Health Benefits of the Rose Apple

This fruit is packed full of a variety of health benefits that you can enjoy whether you’re cooking or eating it raw.

As with most fruit, it is a great choice for people looking to get a sweet snack that doesn’t involve processed foods or refined sugars. You can easily switch out your go to sweet snacks with an apple for an added health boost. These apples are also rich in fiber as well as a variety of nutrients that can boost your immune system and heart health in addition to giving you a tasty treat.